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To sell or to keep...

There will be a Hardcore event coming up in St. Louis this May/June. I'm super stoked about it, and to prove it, I made a boast to our local community to make an army from scratch, buy it, paint it, and play it from here to then. So far it's been good, and fun to do, but the question comes soon after: what do I do with these models? It's a Khador list, and I play Cryx fairly exclusively. I know I can likely get more than I paid for it if I sell the army after the HC event (as it'll all be painted, and is a complete and effective army in a single lot,) or if I should keep it, and revel, I suppose, in its painted glory. I paint when I can, and I've got plenty of painted models before this, but I wonder if I should bitch this stuff for something fun (like a 360, as it's an EVlad list with plenty of mounted/cav models, so adding in the paint and everything would make it a worthwhile trade,) or if I should just save up and keep the army in case I ever feel like tossing out some Khador fun later.
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Power of Stone

So, barring really terminal dice luck, I'd have been 2-1 in the Hordes Steamroller over the weekend, but ended up 1-2 due to Baldur's inability to get more than one point of damage on an Angelius on the charge o.O First game was great - and proved to me that the WoldWyrds are AWESOME battlefield control against aggresive warlocks/casters. I had Vayl utterly cornered at one point with two fully-Fury-charged Wyrds - one on either side. My opponent spent two turns not casting a single spell for fear of triggering the Arcane Machinegun effect :)

Had an absolute blast playing, record notwithstanding, and I think I'll be expanding my Circle roster significantly starting with Morvhana and a largish pack of Tharn Bloodtrackers. Next on the books will be the Tharn wolfriders and the Reeves of Orboros when they come out! Maybe another Woldwarden, too...or a Woldwatcher...Hmmm...thoughts?
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Prepping for tourney

Hey all - looking for some thoughts/advice here. I've played Hordes once before, but love the minis, so I've managed to accumulate quite a bit of Circle stuff. Now the opportunity's come up to play in a 500-point Steamroller beginner tourney at the local Con next weekend. Here's the list I put together, and I'm pondering tactics for it - any thoughts or suggestions?

9 Wolves of Orboros
6 Druids
Shifting Stones
Alten Ashley

Works out to 499 points. I'm thinking of sending Wyrds out on each flank to make maximum use of Witch Hunter, let Ashley advance deploy and whittle down opposing beasts, and have the Wolves be a screen. But then, I've got almost zip for experience with this, so I turn to you all for thoughts - both in running this list and how you'd beat it. Thanks!
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New Member

I have been running my LJ for while as a way to stay motivated.  Just found this community and think it will help as well.  Feel free to check out my page.  Looking to add some pictures of my Legion soon.  Just finished painting about 606 points, takes me to around 1208 points painted in the last 3 months.  Loving the Legion.


A few games under my belt...

I got a few games under my belt vs Skorne again yesterday and all while playing I couldn't help but wonder how many other players were in my area, so I figured I'd toss out an invitation for any and all Hordes/Warmachine gamers in the Chicago area to drop me a line.

I'm also interested in signing up to be a Press Ganger and start running events at my local store, so if any PGs are reading this I'd like to hear from you as well concerning tips and advice you have for a rookie like me.


Hey all. New Legion of Everblight player here. Figured I'd poke around LJ and see what I might find as far as Hordes/Warmachine and came across the community.

My first game was actually today. Starter Legion vs Starter Skorne. Got most of the rules wrong, but still had an absolute blast. I've got a game against Cygnar on Sunday with the possibility of battling Skorne, Circle or Cryx on Friday.

Needless to say, I'm in deep.
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(no subject)

There's a warmachine/hordes tournament coming up in early august. the 5th as long as nothing changes. though i don't know if anyone actually would go... or be close enough to show up. Here's the store's website link if you want to check it out.

I've been playing a lot to get ready for it but since i haven't figured out a strategy that gets my beasts to move fast enough across the board, while keeping them out of LOS for ranged attacks (trenchers destroy anything running near them)... what was i saying? oh yes i don't know if i'll be ready to play by then.

does anyone have any good strategy tips for me to use while playing against warmachine? i've tried flying my seraph over his troops... but since the trenchers are advanced deployment... i'm kinda like a sitting duck because i'm forced to head the other way across the board... and he's always ready with stormguard or long gunners. please... otherwise i have no reason to play in the tournament. three units of trenchers. all my beasts... dead.

Upcoming Steamroller

Evening all - I'm toying with ideas for an upcoming tournament. They're hosting a beginner-level Hordes Steamroller event at the local convention in September and I've entered it since I have been painting Circle stuff for a while now but not playing. Figure it gives me an excuse to get into the rules and go play. I plan on entering my Kaya warpack in the painting competition, which leaves me with Baldur. Was toying with a list similar to:
Shifting Stones
2x WoldWyrd
10 Wolves of Orboros
6-8 Druids

I have no idea why other than it seems to be relatively "fluffy," I already have Baldur, WoldWarden, the stones, and the Wolves painted, and somehow big rock-n-sticks things appeal to me (that whole "sticks and stones may break my bones" thing).

Any advice on further composition/units/tactics? I'm open to anything. Figure as long as I have a good time and learn a bit about the game, it'll be an evening well spent.

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